Website Design

Website Design Service

When you are looking to make your mark with a professionally designed website, you can trust Amiracle Solutions to help you establish a solid and effective web presence. We will take into account everything from the overall look and feel of your site to the typography used and the quality and integrity of the backend coding when creating your website design. We are your one stop website builder and backed by years of graphic design experience, we know how to create truly unique sites that reflect your brand, your tone, and your message to a tee.


5 Factors to Have a Successful Website Design:

Appearance: Your website design needs to make a great first impression. This can be accomplished by using color and font correctly, ensuring that all graphic design elements and photography are meaningful and relevant, and that the overall website design stays simple and uncluttered.

Content: You can have a great looking website design but without quality content the site will fall flat. In considering what copy to have on your site, we encourage you to keep it short and organized, “fresh” by updating it on a regular basis, and error free. Don’t have any content ready? Don’t worry. Our team contains talented copywriters who will make sure that your content is top notch.

Functionality: Every component of a great website design should work seamlessly together. We will double and triple check that all hyperlinks, contact forms, sale processes, etc. work flawlessly, both on their own and as part of a larger process.

Usability: No amount of quality website design or creative graphic design can make up for poor usability. If your site is difficult to read or navigate there is no point in having it online. You can count on website builder Amiracle Solutions to create sites that are simple, fast loading, have minimal scroll, are consistent in layout and navigation, and are accessible across platforms (including mobile).

Search Engine Optimization Readiness: What good is a great site if it isn’t found by the search engines? To facilitate this, we ensure that each and every one of our website designs is SEO friendly by including important keywords, miminal tables and cascading style sheets, as well as links in all site design packages.