Web Development

If you think of website design as the customer facing side of your business, then website development can be thought of as the back end of your business – the warehouse, the stockroom, and the offices. It’s the part of your business that is rarely seen but is so crucial to its existence. In technical terms, website development refers to the building, creation, and maintenance of a website and covers all aspects of the process including website building, web publishing and programming, as well as database management. In the context of Amiracle Solutions, it means the work that takes place behind the scenes after the look and feel of your website builder has been finalized. We take care of writing PHP and ASP client-side/server-side scripts, JavaScript programming, coding, content management systems, network security configuration, and writing website markup among other tasks.

We’ll also make sure that your website and website builder tools are:

  • Compliant and compatible with:
  • Mainstream web browsers and mobile devices
  • Advanced cascading style sheets
  • Mainstream web browsers and mobile devices
  • W3C standards
  • Programming language for other programmers
  • Has optimal download times
  • Is PCI DSS credit card compliant
  • Allows for 3rd party database and web service integrations
  • Effectively employs web analytics
  • Enables the implementation of JavaScript, DHTML, Flash, XML, WAP, Visual Basic scripts and more

We’ve got all your website development bases covered with a fully staffed team of C# programmers, PHP programmers, ASP programmers, CSS & HTML programmers, mobile programmers, and IT programmers.

If you are ready to take your online presence to the next level, contact us today by email or call us at 778-239-4324.