Graphic Design Services

In the business world having a consistent look and feel is paramount. Without clear branding in everything that you do, from business cards to logo design, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. We will work closely with you to design your branding identity that is one of a kind and speaks to who you are as both a business and as an industry leader. We strongly believe that graphic design, in its many forms, is an essential element of any well thought out marketing plan.

At Amiracle Solutions we take care of all the graphic design elements that you need to stand out including branding consultation, professional logo design, business cards, brochures, banners and more.

Logo Design and Branding Consultation: Our team is comprised of expert logo designers with professional logo design skills that are second to none. They are ready to help you fine tune your existing look and feel or create a brand new one from scratch. Whatever your graphic design needs, we can help.

Business Cards: A tried and true marketing tool, the business card never goes out of style. A great business card is not only professional but also memorable and attractive. A well-designed card should contain the following: a professional logo design and legible contact information including website URL, phone number and email address. Also don’t underestimate the power of paper stock – a business card printed on good quality stock will be much more memorable (not to mention durable) than one printed at home.

Brochures: A tangible piece of marketing collateral that highlights the unique selling points of your product and/or service(s), a brochure is a useful tool in networking, presentations/seminars/workshops, and direct marketing. Ideally a brochure should contain a great headline, company name, contact information, a logo, a tagline, and any related graphic elements or images. The text should be in easy to read concise blocks and with the use of bullet points to break up long lists of information.

Banners: Nothing draws the eye to a tradeshow booth like a well-designed banner stand. It can make the difference between a lot of traffic or very little coming by. Available in vinyl, plastic and nylon, banners can be printed either horizontally or vertically. An effective banner should have a clean graphic design with easy to read fonts and colors, a bold headline, a catchy tagline, and clear contact information.

To see how we can take your graphic design ideas to the next level contact us today by email or call us at 778-239-4324.