Webmasters across the globe are waiting eagerly for April 21st. On this day, Google will be releasing it’s newest algorithm, and it’s an important one! They are estimating that the algorithm could take up to a week to be totally released. The goal of this algorithm will be to determine the mobile friendliness of a website, and give those sites priority ranking.

Define: Algorithm

The internet is a big place; an algorithm is an intelligent formula that is activated every single time you use Google. The algorithm takes your often cryptic search request and uses over 200 signals to return exactly what you were really looking for. Without Google’s intuitive, and frequently updated algorithms the internet simply wouldn’t be the beautiful place it is today.

The Importance of Being Mobile Friendly

For years now, mobile usability has been increasing in importance, and rightly so! As of 2014, mobile users officially bypassed those using laptops and desktops for internet use. This means that there are more people using their mobile devices for their everyday internet needs and desires than there are people using the laptops or desktop computers that were once the norm. In fact, mobile usage makes up for 60% of our screen time, while the remaining 40% is still spent at a desktop.

The New Google Algorithm

In February, Google made two important announcements both pertaining to the April 21, 2015 Algorithm. First off, effective immediately, mobile apps will be used as a ranking factor for signed-in users who have the app installed. So, if your app is indexed with Google, as of February 26, 2015 when the announcement was made, your app will appear in Google search results. Secondly, as of April 21st, your website will either be classified as mobile friendly, or not mobile friendly; and those that are mobile friendly will receive priority in Google search results.

No Mobile Friendly Grey Areas

When it comes to mobile friendliness, Google means business. There will be no grey areas. Google will be using more than 200 factors to determine whether or not your site qualifies. This was elaborated upon during a recent Google + Hangout with Google officials. They indicated that factors such as font size that is too small, menu buttons that are too close together, and tap targets that are difficult to identify and navigate will be taken into account when making their classifications.

Your Website and Google’s New Algorithm

With any new algorithm there is an element of anticipation and anxiety that comes along with the release! Google takes usability, and user experience very seriously, probably just as seriously as you take your customer’s experience as a business owner. Google’s goal is to provide its users with the most efficient, user friendly websites possible. They’ve even been nice enough to provide some tools to see if your website makes the grade. For example; its Mobile Friendly Testing Tool. Plug your website in here to see what Google has to say. Finally, browse through their comprehensive Mobile Guidelines to educate yourself!

Amiracle Solutions has been making mobile friendliness a priority for years! If you would like to know how we can help your website, let us know!


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