5 Strategies To Increase Your Websites1) Find and/or create high quality visual and written material

Tip: Incorporate unique design themes, images, videos and written content that get your website noticed and keep you ahead of your competitors.

2) Write effective URLs, title tags and Meta descriptions for your pages

Tip: Research unique keywords with Google’s Keyword Planner and implement them in all your titles and description tags to increase organic searchability.

3) Validate your website’s code

Tip: Inspect your website for any broken links, missing Headers and ALT tags, run a speed test and check browser compatibility to ensure the websites functioning correctly.

4) Create INTERNAL and EXTERNAL links

Tip: Add links in your website that direct to hierarchies within your pages and make sure to include links to other websites to increase trustworthiness and popularity within your own domain.

5) Submit sitemap and URL to Google Apps (Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics)

Tip: Make sure to generate your websites sitemap and then submit your URL to Google Webmaster to ensure your website gets noticed. Last but not least, register your domain to Google Analytics and keep track of your user traffic through visual data.